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1850 Railway transport proposal for the Cape and Natal harbours.
1867 Discovery of diamonds in Kimberly, catalyzing a need for railway and harbour expansions.
1872 Cape railway system becomes government property.
1877 Natal railway system becomes government property.
1880s Rumours of gold deposits in the Transvaal Republic are confirmed. Economic power is shifted from the colonial south to the republican north.
1910 Union is achieved and the South African Railway and Harbours administration is established as an arm of the government.
1930 The opening of efficient mainliner passenger links and an impressive network of urban and metropolitan train services make South Africa a mobile nation.
1970s Government agrees that the SAR&H should restructure itself along business lines.
1981 The country’s railway, harbour, road transport, aviation and pipeline operations become known as South African Transport Services (SATS).
1990 SATS is given company status and renamed Tansnet SOC Ltd.
1994 Transnet SOC Ltd further paves the way in developing South Africa’s transport infrastructure as the envy of the developing world.
2004 Transnet announces their four-point turnaround strategy.
2007 Transnet announces its Four-point Growth Strategy.
2007 Transnet launches its new, unified brand in August.
2008 Transnet launches its Culture Charter in joint partnership with unions.
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Transnet  Head Office

address Carlton Centre
150 Commissioner Street
phone Tel : (011) 308-3000
Fax: (011) 308-2638