Our Vision

  • Zero Harm
  • Transnet Safety Excellence

Our Safety Mission Statement

Achieve Zero Harm through effective management of safety risks and hazards in our workplaces. Assure Transnet employees of safety in their occupation.

Our Fundamental Safety Principles


Our Safety Flagship Programs

Visible Felt Leadership (VFL)

  • Transnet leadership at all levels engage in regular shop floor and operations visits to engage, guide, provide support, and coach others in all aspects of Safety in the workplace.

Employee Participation
Health Safety Rep agreement

  • Our workplaces have designated workplace first responders in the categories of SHE Reps, First Aiders, Fire Marshals and Evacuation Chair Operators.
  • Competence & Proficiency programs
  • Safety training, licensing, competitions.


Safety policy statement A3 poster design Final 22Aug.jpgBehavioural Based Safety

Cardinal rule

  • Safety cardinal rules are established to embed a safety culture and promote safe conducts and behaviors across the organization.

Just culture.

  • A focus is established on Safety reinforcements wherein positive safety conducts, behaviors and performance is recognized.

Environment and Conditions

5Ss Of Safety (House Keeping )

  • The 5Ss Of Safety (House Keeping) seeks to promote high standards of house keeping in our offices and in operations.

Occupational Hygiene Program for monitoring prevalent stressors

  • Our workplaces are consistently monitored for all occupational hygiene stressors to prevent undue employee exposure.


Safety Compliance

Safety Regulatory Universe

  • Safety Regulatory Universe Is monitored in order keep abreast with the changes, notices and updates.

Control Compliance Plans

  • Are developed and kept up to date to cover the entirety of Safety regulatory universe.

Control Self Assessments

  • Are regularly conducted to ensure compliance assurance with the safety regulatory universe

Our Safety Policy 

(Statement of commitment)

Transnet SOC Ltd (Transnet) strives for a safe handling and transportation of freight, passengers, and providing excellent service to its customers. Accordingly, Safety has become one of our (Transnet's) core strategic objectives, inculcated into Transnet Values and the way of doing business, as we are committed to the health and safety our employees, contractors, visitors and other stakeholders who may be directly or indirectly impacted by our business operations.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (the Act), sets the tone in stating that "Every employer shall provide and maintain, as far as is reasonably practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of his employees", We further strive to achieve "Zero Harm" Safety

Vision through an effective management of safety risks and hazards within our work environments. It is our belief that it is the right of every employee and other impacted stakeholders to work in safe and healthy environment.

The management of Safety applies to everyone at Transnet, across all the Operating Divisions (ODs), subsidiaries and supporting functions in accordance with all applicable legislations.

In principle, Transnet will:

  • Comply, as a minimum, with all applicable legislations, regulations and will subscribe to both local and internationally recognised standards and good practices.
  • Embed the Transnet Integrated Management System (TIMS) as a credible Safety Management System (SMS), aligned to applicable International Standards and certifiable by an Accredited Certification Body.
  • Institutionalise safety as a Leadership imperative through a Safety Just Culture Practices and Accountability.
  • Adhere to inherent safety designs, asset and infrastructure maintenance regimes, and operations discipline as guided by the industry and international best practices in order to maintain reliable and safe operations.
  • Proactively and formal identify, assess and mitigate all safety hazards and risks likely to have adverse impact to the safety of employees and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensure that employees are well informed of safety hazards and risks associated with their respective work environment and that they are trained on the relevant identified controls.
  • Conduct applicable Safety Training in a most convenient language to ensure employees perform their daily activities safely, with no harm to themselves and or nearby colleagues.
  • Provide approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to employees in all designated work areas as required, ensure training in proper usage and handling whilst holding them accountable for maintenance thereof.
  • Engage and or collaborate with the relevant key Stakeholders, including Regulators with a view to enhance a safe and healthy work environment of all impacted. Provide Supervision to ensure that employees are not exposed to the work environment with any uncontrolled potential hazards and possible risks.
  • Ensure employees undergo Medical examinations, periodically as required and are fit for duty before commencing with their respective shifts' activities.
  • Ensure that all accidents / incidents are immediately reported, and records are kept accordingly.
  • Investigate all reported accidents / incidents and constitute the Board of Inquiry (BOI) for all accidents / incidents classified as levels 1 and 2.
  • Provide Emergency response resources and ensure the status of readiness and accessibility.
  • Monitor, conduct audits, control self-assessments and inspections to ensure compliance.
  • Provide both financial and human resources to enable and sustain the safe working environment.
  • Establish the Governance Structure(s) to monitor safety performance, progress and recommend interventions as may be deemed fit.
  • Review the SMS for adequacy, efficiency and for continual improvement
Transnet shall review this Safety policy statement every 5 years or as and when circumstances dictate to ensure that it remains current and relevant.