Technology and Innovation

Horizontal Directional Drilling

One of the newer technologies utilised on the project is Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), whereby the longest HDD drill in this country to date was completed. A distance of approximately 1.5km was drilled under one of Gauteng’s busy highways, Uncle Charlie’s, at a depth of approximately 18m.

Pipeline Power Facts

12 000: the number of jobs created during construction

555 km: length of the trunk line from Durban to Gauteng

3 million: volume of litres to be pumped per hour once complete

95: the number of wetlands the NMPP cuts through

1.5km: depth of distance drilled under a busy Gauteng highway

49: the number of main rivers the NMPP crosses


Safety and Security Features

Designed according to international design codes and standards for Petroleum Process plants, the pipeline enjoys the following enhanced safety features:

World-class thres-layer hot-applied polyethylene over fusion-bonded epoxy coating system

Remotely monitored Cathodic Protection systems

State-of-the-art leak detection with continuous real-time monitoring via fibre optic communications

Automated leak isolation via motorised block valves with activation links to emergency response services

Best-in-class accumulated tank emissions control via geodesic dome roof design, double-seal internal floating blankets and internal epoxy-lined surfaces

Sophisticated security monitoring and security access control systems

A 1-in-50-year storm design as well as on-site contaminated waste water containment and

Sophisticated unmanned automated operations and process control​​

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