Supplier Development Fund​

​​Qualification Criteria

Black Owned Enterprises already included in Transnet’s supply chain and have an existing contract, or those that have been recently awarded a contract;
Black Owned Enterprises means collectively, Black Owned Enterprises, Black Women Owned Enterprises, Black Empowered Enterprises and Black Women Empowered Enterprises;
Black Owned Enterprise means an enterprise in which Black People and/or Black Disabled Persons and/or Black Youth hold more than 50% of the exercisable voting rights and economic interest;
Black Women Owned Enterprise means an enterprise in which black woman/women hold(s) more than 50% of the exercisable voting rights and economic interest;
Black Empowered Enterprise means an enterprise in which black people and/or disabled persons and/or youth hold more than 30% of the exercisable voting rights and economic interest with an approved B-BBEE Improvement Plan;
Black Women Empowered Enterprise means an enterprise in which more than 30% of the exercisable voting rights and economic interest is held by black woman/women with an approved B-BBEE Improvement Plan;
The Black Enterprises must be permanently owned and managed by a Black entrepreneur or entrepreneurs who are South African citizens and who actively contribute to the business;
The existing or potential Black Enterprises must supply Transnet with rail manufacturing, freight logistics and related services (i.e. other manufacturing related services that support the rail manufacturing and freight logistics);
The Black Enterprises must have a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) status of Level 1 - 4, regardless of turnover;
The business must employ less than 200 employees;
The Black Enterprises must preserve existing jobs and aim to create new jobs over and above the existing ones.

Evaluation criteria

The owners of the investee company must be directly involved, on a permanent basis, in the day-today management and operations of the company. This ensures future commitment and helps to share the risk;
There should be definite commercial viability and long-term sustainability plans in the project;
The company must have sufficient cash flow or potential cash flow to service the financing granted by Godisa;
Loans advanced to the project will be at a commercial rate and must be repaid timeously;
Godisa may elect to take a minority equity position in the investee company;
The equity partners must contribute financially from their personal resources to the project;
Equity is acquired on commercial grounds and the same applies to exits;
The business must be registered as a (Pty) Ltd or CC entity and have an appointed auditor;
Proper accounting records must be maintained by internal accounting staff or external accountants;
The development of black empowerment partners as entrepreneurs to enable them to participate in the mainstream activities of the economy is of primary importance;
The company must have scope to grow and expand beyond Transnet markets;
The company must have an environmental protection plan;
The company must have or plan to have an HIV/Aids prevention and management programme; Recipients that do not already have such a plan in place will need to implement one within six months of receiving financing.

Application procedures

All applications to the Godisa Fund should be presented in the form of an investment proposal, a formal business plan as well as required documentation. These will be followed by a presentation of the business case to the Godisa Investment Committee by the Godisa Fund team.

Business plan

Your business plan should include:
An executive summary​
An introduction and background information, including project status
A description of the business and its service and/or product offering
Ownership and management
A global, local or regional market analysis
An industry analysis
Swot analysis
Business proposition and opportunit​y
Technology, operations, logistics
Safety, Health, Environment, Quality (SHEQ) and Insurance
Company organogram
CV’s of the Owners
Historical and forecasted financial statements
Conclusion and recommendations
Relevant annexures (including Transnet contract)

Financial and business support offered

Funding in the form of:
Business loan and/or equity (average funding size of up to R5 million will be considered per project);
Business development support based on the needs of the company.​
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