satish.marru@transnet.net0789038007This is test Plz ignore
This is test Plz ignore +264816022967 Enquiries for international students application
Good day! My name is THEOFILIUS KEMBA INDIRA, I'm from Namibia, I read about your institution(Maritime Institute stitute of Excellence), on the internet and I would like to study there, I would like to know the requirements and enrollment process, thank you.
gumbi0624452402Marinetime school in of excellence Bursary
hi i would like to make an inquiry about the Marinetime school of excellence busary please reply me with any usefuseful information on how to apply
lonwaboqubeka39@gmail.com0748049629Enquiring about Maritime School of Excellence
lonwaboqubeka39@gmail.com0748049629Inquiring about MSoE
Please kindly advise on your next intake advertising papers or method...
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sean.badal@transnet.netTest 3
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I Have great interest in working in the filled of MARITIME, I have qualifications as a rigger . But due to lack of job opportunities I am available to further my studies with you Kindly send me application forms for your next intake , be it mid 2019 or 2020.
sithagwangqa62@gmail.com0631824346How can study
How can I study at the maritime school
mncadismangaliso@gmail.com0639684624Maritime School of Excellence’s Learner Administration
nyikomathebula64@gmail.com0651215943Maritime school of excellence
Good day

I would like to join the maritime school of excellence am 21 years of age and also carry a diploma in transportation management and am interested in the maritime working environment.

May you please assist me with getting enrollment.
I am interested in Maritime studies. I would like to see price list with all the courses offered. And a list of funding as well. Thank You.
lonwaboqubeka39@gmail.com0748049629Maritime School of Excellence
asavela.asah@outlook.com0656066820Application for maritime school
ananias.mathadi@gmail.com0765347195Minimum Requirements
Good evening Sir/Madam,

Kindly assist with more information in addition to minimum requirement and the courses available.

I have Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

Hope you find this in order.

mncadismangaliso@gmail.com0639684624I want to join the MSOE
Good day,
I want to join the Maritime School of Excellence, please direct me to where I can get application forms.

Thank you!
tndhlebe2000@gmail. Com0827622480To study  marine  pilot  or marine engineering
I need a school that I can apply to study marine. I have grade 12
mariamoloi1998@gmail.com0845066205any opportunity
I'm a student who's studying transport logistics I would love to be part of transnet I'm a good student at South Gauteng College tvet
lungobuthelezi321@gmail.com0848044876Bursary application
Dear Sir/Madam
I am a 23 years old lady who is driven and enthusiastic to learn all things to do with safety provision.i would like to get more information regarding the the bursaries for a health and safety officer. i have currently completed training as a fire fighter but have not been able to secure work in this field.My passion lies in providing safety and know that i would be great addition to your team

Kindest |Regards
4njabulongcobo@gmail.com0796875196MsoE opportunity
Pwyzee777@gmail.com0744428207Maritime school of excellence entry requirements
Dear sir/madam
I am currently doing my final semester to complete my sports science degree. At high school level I did mathematical literacy and I didn't do physical sciences. I would like to know if by any chance, can I be able to be part of students that are studying in maritime school of excellence.
Kind regards
Cell:074 442 8207 or +264857127808Mobile Harbour Cranes and Container High Reach Stacker
Hi sir/madam
I am Walter in Namibia and I am interested in your courses you do offer but I am more interested in Mobile harbour cranes and Container high reach Stacker. How much is Mobile harbour cranes and Container high reach Stacker and the duration for each course?
Do you provide accommodation for Students from other countries?
Thanks for having time to read my message and your feedback will be appreciated.
Yours faithfully
Walter. or +264857127808Ship to Shore crane
I am still Walter in Namibia, I left to mention Ship to Shore Crane. I am interested in the course for this crane to. Can I know the amount to pay for this Crane and how long it take to get the certificate? for a Learnership at Maritime school of excellence
Hello, I'm Seekoei Kamogelo and I would like very much to be a part of your schooling program. I am a smart kid and subsequently, a hard worker. I think my results will validate just that. I would like to have a certification in marine careers. What you may not know is, as a young man, I've always liked to contribute more and I believe that I can contribute more, given that I'm given a chance to prove my worth. I have Maths, Science with C symbols and almost everything else on my matrix certificate. I believe that I was born to change the world to better our tomorrow in the field of science( don't get me wrong, Engineering is Science). I was born to contribute more and me working for a high caliber company like Transnet, I can contribute more. Thank you. I'm Seekoei Kamogelo residing in Bloemfontein.
kgaogelomoseane@gmail.com0763666084Maritime pilot training
How to apply for training? 0795506925Tug master diploma
I'm a lady aged 26. I would love to become a tug master. Please help me to reach my goals.

Yours faithful

Thandeka Nobela
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