Chartered Accountants Training (CAT) Programme

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Training of accountants is critical both for Transnet and the country as a whole

South Africa has a shortage of accountants especially black accountants.  Transnet has accepted the responsibility to develop the scarce skills in light of the greater objectives of the country.  The CA Training (CAT) Programme in Transnet is a strategic intervention to train prospective Chartered Accountants to meet the skills requirements of South Africa in the Accountancy field.

Transnet has been an accredited training office with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) from 1997.

About our Programme

The CAT Programme at Transnet is a three year learner ship programme for candidates who have a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA) / B Compt Hons or equivalent.

The stringent requirements of SAICA demand that trainees receive extensive training in Financial Management, Management Decision-Making, Financial Accounting, Internal Audit & Corporate Governance, Auditing & Assurance and Taxation. This also includes the professional skills like interpersonal & communication skills, intellectual skills, personal skills, and organizational & management skills.
In Transnet, the trainees will be rotated to the head office and several of its business units, e.g. Transnet National Ports Authority, Transnet Pipelines, Transnet Freight Rail, etc.  The rotation will be tailored to meet the needs of the trainee and the respective business unit, with the trainee spending at least one-third of the practical training in one business.
The training programme matches the depth of the SAICA syllabus requirements with a wide business exposure.​​

Our SAICA Elective Skills​

Transnet has elected the Financial Management and Management Decision-Making as its Elective Skills based on Transnet’s business and industry

Our Selection Criteria

The minimum entry requirement is the Certificate in Theory of Accounting (CTA) and each applicant must also demonstrate:
Consistent progress in their accountancy studies,
Strong verbal communication skills, and
Analytical ability

Training Support

Transnet will offer its trainees industry level support to ensure their success in the programme. The training programme will provide for:
Study leave for the board exams;
Supplementary courses;
General business management training;
Exam technique courses, revision courses for the board exams;

About Mentorship​

Trainees are assigned mentors from the CA’s within the Transnet Group.  These mentors have volunteered their time, passion and dedication to the success of the programme and the trainee accountants.  They provide leadership, empowerment, guidance and advice to trainee accountants on their career path.

About Supervision​

Supervisors are the line managers who ensure that training takes place.  They are responsible for the day to day training, workstation, timesheet and leave authorization, and attendance of assessment meetings.  They also provide career guidance to trainees.
The Transnet Chartered Accountants Training Programme is cultivating a generation of highly competent and confident accountants who are ready to tackle any challenge. Meet some of the programme’s star performers.​
Why accounting? The accounting profession offers very exciting career prospects. An accountant can either specialise in auditing, accounting, taxation or financial management – in any industry of their choice. The career opportunities are endless.

What do you like most about your job? I love the fact that my job is very challenging. It requires me to always apply my mind to all situations and suggest ways to improve the way things are done. In this way, I help improve different aspects of the business and thus add value to Transnet as a whole.

How has the CA Training Programme made a difference? It has empowered me to perform tasks to the best of my ability. With the help of the theory I learnt at university, I am able to apply my mind by finding solutions to resolve problems I may encounter in the workplace.

Working and studying is hard. How have you managed both? Trying to find the balance between professional study commitments and a day-to-day job is quite a challenge. I work during office hours and catch up with my studies after hours and on weekends. I take sufficient study leave during exam time, but also ensure that it doesn’t affect my job since both are equally important.

Any advice for future accountants? Make an informed career choice. Ensure that this is the career you really want to follow. There is nothing as fulfilling as following a career that you are passionate about.

What does this opportunity mean to you? It’s a great privilege to be part of this programme. The knowledge I have acquired at Transnet is invaluable. I learnt a lot more here than I probably would have anywhere else.
Why accounting? I loved maths and accounting since I was introduced to the subjects at school. Flexibility and job security offered by this profession also appealed to me. As a Chartered Accountant (CA) you can do almost any work in the commerce industry.

What do you like most about your job? I am challenged everyday and have to think on my feet. I learn something new all the time and I also get the opportunity to impart knowledge and make recommendations for improvement.

How has the CA Training Programme made a difference? It provides me with practical experience in every technical aspect of the CA profession. You develop great analytical and problem solving skills and, as I get rotated to different operating divisions within Transnet, I get to discover which area of business I would like to specialise in once my training is complete.

Working and studying is hard. How have you managed both? I have a detailed study schedule and tried by all means to stick to it. The programme also supports us by allowing us study leave and rotating us to less busy departments during the period closer to exams.

Any advice for future accountants? Please do a thorough introspection and research about the profession and ensure that being a CA is what you really want to do. The road to becoming a CA is a long and tough one, but rewarding and worth striving for. With great perseverance and prayer, you can be successful.

What does this opportunity mean to you? It has afforded me a great opportunity to be a trainee in an organisation of this magnitude. I get exposure in all areas of the business and this will help me to be an all-rounded CA.
Why accounting? It is my passion. I enjoyed the subject at school and decided to pursue a career in this field. During my childhood years, I was the sibling who would have the most money saved up. I would find ways in which to protect my ‘stash’ from my other siblings, and make my money grow.

What do you like most about your job? In order to cover our SAICA objectives, we are rotated to different departments within Transnet hence I learn new things every day and enjoy meeting new people.

How has the CA Training Programme made a difference? It gave me the opportunity to work in various divisions of the business and gain practical experience that assists when it comes to exams.

Working and studying is hard. How have you managed both? It is all about proper planning, time management and motivation.

Any advice for future accountants? Be a dreamer. Dream of where you want to be and work hard to turn that dream into a reality. Unfortunately, nothing really comes easy. It takes time, patience, understanding, hard work and the right amount of faith to reach that goal.

What does this opportunity mean to you? It has deep significance for me as I have achieved my life-long goal. Being a CA opens up opportunities for growth in the workplace.
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