How do I apply for a position in Transnet as an internal employee?

You need to have your profile registered and updated first then apply through the ESS. Applications for advertised positions will only be considered if submitted on the careers portal.  No email applications will be considered.

What does the recruitment procedure consist of?

Once you have submitted your application via our e-recruiting page, you will receive an automatic email notification confirming receipt of your application. Candidates who are short-listed will be invited for interview. We aim to do this within a two to three-week period following your application. However, depending on the vacancy and number of applications, it might take us longer to get back to you. 

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of applications we receive daily, we are unable to enter into correspondence with every applicant and cannot comment on the status of their application or explain the reasons for declining. Only recommended candidates will be invited for assessments which will inform the final decision to appoint.

I have not received an automatic e-mail notification confirming the receipt of my application. What should I do?

Please log in to your candidate account and check the status of your application. In case you need further technical support, please send an email to Transnet recruiting team at careers-help@transnet.net

What does Transnet look for in an applicant?

We look for people who have the required skills and expertise to deliver on our business strategy. This goes beyond academic excellence and includes but not limited to leadership qualities, business acumen and the ability to build good and sustainable working relationships with stakeholders.

What assessment tools do you use?

We use a range of tools to determine capability, suitability and fit for the role. The assessment tools we use are largely informed by the role applied for. These assessment tools may include cognitive tests, personality questionnaires, emotional intelligence tests, and in-basket exercises. 

How do I set myself apart?

The first step is to identify what makes you exceptional and use your application and interview to help the recruitment team to see your strengths.

Prepare a flawless CV. Make sure it contains all the essential information our recruitment team needs and that there aren't any spelling or grammatical errors. Keep it short, no more than two pages.

First impressions count, especially at an interview, event or career fair. So prepare for that first interaction. Do your research, brainstorm questions and dress well. It's also important to present a confident, positive and enthusiastic attitude.

How does Transnet ensure fairness in the recruitment process?

The interviews and interviews should consist of a panel that includes, line manager, subject matter expect, and HR who ensures compliance.

The panel should include members who are broadly representative of race and gender demographics in Transnet. 

The panel is required to sign a Declaration of Interest form before the commencement of shortlisting and interviewing.

What informs the decision to appoint?

The decision is informed by the following:

Minimum requirements of the job

Interview performance

Assessment recommendation

Background checks results

Medical fitness results where applicable