Transnet Engineering

Transnet engineering is the backbone of South Africa’s railway industry​

​​​Transnet Engineering is an engineering division of Transnet SOC Ltd, based in South Africa, comprising a group of product focused businesses in manufacture, upgrading conversion, repair and maintenance of railway rolling stock, as well as spares and associated transport equipment . Through its seven well equipped, ISO certified factories and workforce of 14 500 qualified personnel, Transnet Engineering extends its railway customer portfolio to Africa and the world.


A Solid History

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With origins dating back more than a century to the mechanical engineering department of the former South African Railways and Harbours, this engineering organization has actively supported railways on the in the expansion of the country's economy and over the decades has developed some of the most innovative bogies and wagons ever built for 1067mm track.

Through the years, Transnet engineering has become the key supplier of customised rolling stock for the coal, iron-ore, intermodal, agricultural, fuel and cement industries.​

African Soul – Global Perspective

While focus is mainly on the South African market, investment in research and development to service the specific requirements of Africa and the rest of the world has led to an ever-expanding range of rolling stock products and a comprehensive list of satisfied customers, further enhancing the organisation's international reputation. The proximity of the coastal plants to major ports facilitates the movement of products to and from overseas markets.

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