IM Announcements

Announcements of Changes to the Network Statement:

Annexure 1 has been updated with the latest shut down schedule for 2024/25. 

Annexure 2-12 has been removed and will be made available when applications are lodged.

Annexure 27 b & c has been consolidated into 1 document

Annexure 29 has been updated to "Slot Application Request Template," with revisions and condensing of the application document content.

Rail Access Tariff Methodology

Interested parties are advised to take note that the published Rail Access Tariff Methodology document, submitted to IRERC in November 2023, indicates that "IM will begin offering open access from 1 April 2024", however, the date for opening of applications is subject to the conclusion of the public consultation process facilitated by IRERC and finalization of tariffs.

IRERC - Interim Rail Economic Regulatory Capacity

IRERC has extended the date for submission of written responses to the draft Network statement as published in the Government Gazette No. 50312  to the 20 May 2024 before 11h00am. Interested parties who wish to submit written comments should address them to or visit the Department of Transport website,, under the IRERC link.