Network Statement

The draft Network Statement, published by Transnet's interim Infrastructure Manager will be gazetted in the next few days by the Interim Rail Economic Regulatory Capacity (IRERC) for public comments.

This draft Network Statement aims to provide all Train Operating companies with a unified source of information flow required for a functional rail access system.  The draft Network Statement contains - inter alia - rules, time limits, timelines, procedures, services, charging principles, and terms and conditions governing the use of the railway infrastructure by Train Operating Companies (TOCs).

Furthermore, it contains information regarding Transnet's operational corridors which make up the network; and Service Level Agreements to be entered into between the Infrastructure Manager and the TOCs.

Following the Public Consultation process to be administered by the IRERC, the updated and approved Network Statement for 2024/25 will be published on the Infrastructure Manager website.  Timelines will be dependent on the conclusion of the public consultation process. Thereafter the Network Statement will be updated annually to ensure that information remains current. It is expected that the process for third party-access will then commence in the second half of the year.

For the purposes of the public consultation process on the Network Statement, comments must be submitted directly to IRERC (email: using the process outlined on the Department of Transport's website.

Comments must not be sent to Transnet as Transnet will NOT be responding to any comments from the public during the consultation process. 


2024/25 List of Network Statement Annexures

Chapter 2
Annexure 13: Pantograph Specification 
Annexure 14: Diesel Nozzle Specification
Annexure 23: Shunting Rolling Stock Specifications for Yards

Chapter 3 
Annexure 15: Rail Access Agreement 
Annexure 16: Faculty of Rail Team Contact Details

Chapter 4
Annexure 24: Interface Management Agreement
Annexure 25: Self Screening Checklist
Annexure 27a: Risk Analysis Guidelines
Annexure 27b & c: Risk Analysis Guidelines
Annexure 29: Slot Application Request Template

Chapter 5 
Annexure 18: Occurrence Management
Annexure 22: Loading Profiles

Chapter 6 
Annexure 19a: Principles of Safe Movement on Rail (POSMOR)
Annexure 19b: Train Working Rules Part 1 -7 (TWR)
Annexure 19c: General Appendix No.6
Annexure 20a: Cancel Train Process 
Annexure 20b: Cancellation Reasons
Annexure 21: Clearinghouse Process Narrative