What We Do

The Interim Infrastructure Manager Office will be responsible for:


  • Access management and capacity/slot allocation to train operating companies
  • Access contracts management
  • Liaison with Regulator on the development and refinement of access Frameworks

Network Capacity Planning & Allocation

  • Collaborating with stakeholders on the development of rail master plans

Planning and Execution of Capital Projects

Network Infrastructure Maintenance and Management

Network Operations and Rail Traffic Control

  • Rail traffic management function including train control and train scheduling

Provision of Network Safety and Security in collaboration with Government and other crime fighting stakeholders

Network Property Management

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Developing and publishing the network statement
  • Liaison with the Regulator on the development of rail regulatory policies and Acts
  • Act as a concession authority on the infrastructure owned or managed by it

People Management

  • Manage Rail Reform Change
  • Management of labour and stakeholder engagements
  • Organisational development process oversight


  • Accounting separation and tariffs


  • Development and implementation of relevant infrastructure technology roadmap to manage multiple operator traffic

Project Management